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About Us

Kalesi Collection brings spirituality and purity to incense while helping you relax and centralise karmic energies.

Our aim is to enlighten your senses and lead you to the higher realms of consciousness.
Our fragrances will guide your journey to inner peace and tranquility. ‚Äč

Let us transform you to the ancient temples of the East to find your inner zen, with Kalesi Incense.

By simply burning Kalesi Incense, harmony and good karma will enter your home.

Incense has been around for as long as 330BC and has since been a spiritual stimulant in the Eastern world. This ancient tradition has taken the world by storm and we at Kalesi want to bring you the finest, clean burning incense with ethically sourced ingredients, for your serenity. It is ancient practice to burn incense during rituals, ceremonies and meditation, as it can guide you to your Third-Eye chakra.